Drop Shot Canyon Pro 1.0

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Level: Advanced
Shape: Tear
Balance: Mid
Surface: Hard 3D
Profile: 38mm
Core: Hard
Weight: 360-380g

The Canyon PRO 1.0 is Pablo Lima's signature racket. It is a very powerful racket suitable for the offensive player seeking power in their game while retaining some control.

Additional Information:

The Drop Shot Canyon Pro is a padel racket that comes with a droplet shape and a high balance. This combination makes it a slightly speed-oriented padel racket with good access to speed and power without sacrificing too much feel and control in the calm game.

The surface of this padel racket is constructed of Rectangle Carbono, meaning each carbon fiber thread is made up of 24,000 threads. This is developed by Textreme in rectangular shapes for a greater mechanical effect of elasticity and reaction, resulting in a faster response when hitting the ball. It also provides more stability with its rectangular plates, contributing to a more comfortable hitting feel. In practice, this translates into incredible hitting feel with control as a result. This reactive carbon fiber also gives the hard-hitting player good opportunities for speed and power when needed.

EVA PRO is the stiffer, high-density core that provides the player with access to a lot of speed in their hard and offensive shots, while the player gets good control in the calm game. Additionally, the core reduces unwanted vibrations and contributes to a more comfortable gaming experience due to its high elasticity. CURV 360 ARMOR, together with the TWIN TUBULAR SYSTEM, gives you a durable padel racket that withstands ball hits in an almost unbeatable way.

3D FACE is the rhomboid pattern on the surface that offers extra effect for hits that require maximum spin. With top-of-the-line technologies like CORK CUSHION GRIP and SILICONE GRIP CHANNEL, this padel racket is also suitable for players with elbow sensitivity, among other things.

ERGO PRO PROTECTOR is a frame protector that protects your padel racket from impacts and scratches, extending its lifespan. POWER BEAM HEART stabilizes the racket during ball hits, offering additional control feel.

In summary, this padel racket is a very powerful racket suitable for the offensive player seeking a powerful padel racket while retaining some control in their game.

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